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Gas station pump catches fire after SUV plows through Sunday


An SUV plowed into a gas pump causing an explosion which started a fire at an East Texas Convenience store.

It happened in the 4800 block Of Estes Parkway at Zippy Js just south of Longview around 8:30 Sunday Morning.

Someone driving on Estes Parkway Sunday Morning shot video of Zippy Js shortly after the wreck. You can see there are no emergency vehicles in the shot.

Clerks Jamie Jones and Jessica Jolley were working when it happened.

"Heard a loud bang. Actually it was an extremely large explosion. And by the time we got probably about right here he hit the pump and the pump just like blew up and the canopy came down and it just looked like a streak just flying through here. If it wouldn't have been for the wrought iron fence down thereI don't know ho far he would have went. The front end of his truck looked like an accordion and even the back end of the truck had damage to it and I'm not quite sure how that happened," said Jamie.

"He walked up because he got himself out, I guess he wasn't wearing a seat belt because he got himself out and he walked all the way up there and he just sat down and said he didn't want an ambulance he just wanted to go straight to jail, He just sat down. He said he just fallen asleep and was only going about fifty miles an hour. But that's not what we heard," Jessica added.

The SUV went through a power pole, a gas pump and a canopy support and still went another fifty yards before stopping.

While taking down the canopy with a cutting torch workers started a small fire where the pump had been burning. Workers found their fire extinguisher didn't work, but were able to smother the fire.

Before the fire department got there an off-duty firefighter shut off a circuit breaker just in case and the fire burned itself out.

The clerks say the driver, 26 year old Antonio Gonzales was a regular customer, and they're glad no one was filling up when the wreck occurred.

Twenty-six year old Antonio Gonzales was taken to a local hospital for a blood test for suspected DWI and issued a citation for driving with a suspended license.

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