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Henrico teacher helps save student from dangerous coma


A young boy from Henrico is alive, thanks to the watchful eye of his kindergarten teacher.

Five-year-old Xemir Russell, a student at Fair Oaks Elementary School, almost went into a coma, but was able to make it to the hospital before it was too late.

Xemir was suffering from diabetes, but no one knew it. Thankfully, his teacher, Brandy Warthan, sensed something was wrong. She took action, which helped save his life. 

"He's a really smiley little boy and he's always laughing and playing," said Warthan of Xemir, who munched on graham crackers.

Snacks and insulin shots are now routine for Xemir. He was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes last month. However, Brandy noticed the effects on Xemir before he ever reached a doctor.

"He started to get water a lot more frequently, and use the restroom more frequently," described the seven-year teacher at Fair Oaks Elementary.

Brandy kept a log of Xemir's behavior and sent home notes to his mom, Shajana Hopkins. Shajana also noticed symptoms and scheduled a doctor's appointment. However, Xemir's condition worsened quickly. He was so lethargic in class, Shajana immediately rushed him to the emergency room.

"He just looked as if he was going to pass out at any moment," described Shajana of her son's condition in the school nurse's office. "His blood sugar was over 1,100, and he was on the verge of a diabetic coma."

After spending three days in the hospital, Xemir is back to his playful self. His teacher also feels good knowing Xemir is healthy again, while also getting recognized for her proactive nature by the county.

Shajana says she's very grateful for her son's astute teacher, and for the entire school staff for being so diligent and caring.

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