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Does it Work: Chop Wizard

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Don'tlook now but Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! If you're feeling overwhelmedby what you need to tackle in the kitchen, there may be a tool to make the taskless daunting.

TheVidalia Chop Wizard promises to cut straight into your prep time, so we triedit out.

Asthe general manager and caterer at Focaccia's Deli, Barb Reese knows her wayaround a kitchen. They slice and dice over 100 pounds of fruits and vegetablesa day, not including another 80 pounds of lettuce alone.

Barbagreed to carve out a little time in her hectic shift to test the Chop Wizard.

"I'lldo red onions first because we use a lot of that on our salads," Barb said.

Shewas impressed.

"Niceand small, consistently cut, so it's not like you're getting big and smallpieces," she said. "You're getting consistency of chop, so everything will beuniform on your salad, which is always nice."

Thereare two sets of blades with the Chop Wizard – a thicker cut for chopping, andone for dicing more precise, fine pieces.

Barbdidn't stop at the onions. She tried the tool out on tomatoes, green peppersand cucumbers.

"Ithink this is great," she said. "If you are making chili or anything and you'reusing fresh tomatoes, or salsa, I think this would be perfect ‘cause you canmeasure it out."

Thereis a measuring tool on the side of the basin, and the whole Chop Wizard isdishwasher safe.

"Iwould give it an A, actually," Barb said. "I think it's a great product…I wouldlove this at home. If I had this, it would be a lot easier for me to just pop asoup or any kind of a special out."

Sothe $19.99 Chop Wizard carves out a perfect passing grade in this week's Doesit Work test.

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