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County employee caught napping in work truck

(WMC-TV) - A Shelby County employee was cautioned after taxpayers caught him sleeping in his work truck

The employee violated no policy, but it doesn't necessarily look good to the public when one is caught snoozing in a work truck.

The county conducted a brief investigation when they received cell phone video and photos of the employee napping in his truck, which were sent to Action News by a concerned taxpayer.

The employee reportedly took up two parking spaces in a mostly deserted end of a Cordova strip mall.

The employee's superiors at the code enforcement office did do some checking after receiving the video and photos. The employee told them he took a nap on his lunch break after conducting nearly a dozen inspections.

"The employee has been cautioned that despite his workload and being on his lunch hour, he should not nap in his vehicle," said county spokesman Steve Shular in a statement.

County officials added that both travel and parking times are tracked by GPS daily to keep up with the movements of building code inspectors.

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