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O'boro Convention Center announces new shows with big economic impact

Six more shows will be coming to the Owensboro Convention Center next year. 

Convention Center representatives say their latest announcement will have a big economic impact on the city.

Famous Bistro in downtown Owensboro has been cooking up culinary dishes for 20 years.

"When you have people that are passionate about what they are doing, you turn out great food. We have always sought out people who care about the recipes and care about the food," said Ben Skiadas, with the bistro.

Soon the Famous Bistro will be cooking for guests outside the Tri-State. Stewart Promotions will be bringing five flea markets and a Christmas gifts and décor show to the Owensboro Convention Center next year.

"I came down and saw it when it was half done. I was blown out of the water about how nice it is, how nice the people were and the potential we can see what we can do," said Terry Stewart, of Stewart Promotions. 

The events are expected to bring in around 11,000 people per show which the Convention Center says will create a positive economic impact on the community.

"They happen over a weekend which is typically a dead time in the downtown, so it really gives us a weekend, six weekends, where we are really driving great business into the community," said Dean Dennis, of Global Spectrum. 

Downtown businesses, like Famous Bistro, say they are excited to hear the announcement.

"For people outside this area to come to Owensboro, they will be able to find all the wonderful things this town has to offer," SKiadas said.

Stewart Promotions says they are already looking at 2015 dates and say the odds are good they will have more events in the future. 

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