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Couple says FedEx driver killed their dog

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NORTH VERNON, IN (WAVE) - A southern Indiana couple is still in shock and FedEx is investigating a week after the couple found their dog dead outside their front door. One neighbor told the couple a FedEx driver ran over the dog, but another neighbor says there are two versions of what happened.

"If that can happen, right in your driveway," said Shandy Arthur, "That's crazy!"

What happened to Arthur and her boyfriend Ryan Swango last Wednesday at their North Vernon home left them with both questions and heavy hearts. 

"It's been horrible," Swango said, "It doesn't even feel the same around here because when we get home from work, she's right there greeting us."

Swango was talking about the couple's dog Bella, a pit bull and member of their family.

Swango, who works second shift, said he lets Bella out in the mornings while he sleeps.  Wednesday, he said he tied the dog on a leash near the door.

When Swango woke up, it started to rain. He said he knew Bella would want in, "Generally, she'll bark or scratch at the door wanting in when it's raining."

When Bella didn't, Swango looked out the door. "I looked down on the ground and she's laying there," he remembered of the dog, "And I could tell she was not breathing!"

To his shock, the dog was dead.

"I just started ballin' out there in the rain," Swango said, "I fell to my knees and was just sitting there crying."

The couple said they had no idea what happened until they noticed a package at the door. FedEx had been there and left their new phone. One neighbor told them before the driver left the package, he ran over a dog. Another neighbor saw it differently and said the dog broke from it's chain.

"Their dog ran in front of the van," said neighbor Kirsten Young, "It yelped a few times, ran out in the grass and then cut back over to their house."  Young said of the FedEx driver, "He got out of his van and called for the dog a few times."

Young believes it was simply an accident. 

Either way, the couple said the driver left without a note or without calling police which isn't right.

"There's nothing that they're going to be able to do to fix it," Arthur said, "We don't really want anything from them, we just don't want it to go unheard."

Scott Fiedler, a spokesman for FedEx, said in a statement,

"FedEx wants to offer our sincerest apology to Mr. Swango and his family. Our heart goes out to them over the loss of their beloved pit bull - Bella. We know this is a difficult situation and we take these matters seriously. FedEx is in the process of gathering facts and we will work directly with Mr. Swango." 

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