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Churches collecting donations for homeless

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MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Churchesin Wood County are coming together to fight an age-old problem: helping thehomeless.

It'scalled Project Backpacks-n-Bags. The Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation(MVUUC) and Broken Chains Church are asking for donations. They sayhomelessness isn't just a city problem, and they're trying to fill dozens ofbackpacks to pass out to those in need.

ReverendLynn Kerr says she is still haunted by a phone call she got from a pregnantteenage girl years ago.

"Icouldn't find a place to have her a night, and I never wanted that to happenagain," Kerr said. "I want to be able to, at the very least, offer her somethings that will help keep her warm."

ReverendKerr says they are most in need of sleeping bags. Donations don't need to benew items, they just need to keep people warm when they have nowhere else togo.

Formore information, visit the MVUUC website here.

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