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Springfield, Rossford, Northwood school levies defeated

Northwood High School Northwood High School
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Manycommunities saw school levies on the ballot this week, and while somedistricts are celebrating, others now have to figure out what to do fromhere.

NorthwoodSchools officials say they've never seen the votes so close on a levy. Their4.9 mill levy was voted down 699 to 694. Five votes are the only thing standingbetween students and a new school.

Officialssay they're hoping the certified vote total on Nov. 21 will turn in theirfavor. If the certified vote total is within 0.5 percent, the votes will berecounted.

"Ifit doesn't pass this time, then we have to re-engage the community and see whatwe can get support for, because the problems don't go away," saidSuperintendent Gregory Clark.

Theopportunity for the district to partner with the state to build a new schoolonly lasts 13 months, and is up in May.

InRossford, the district spent two years surveying residents about changes theywanted to see in the schools. But the public still voted against their levy tomake those changes happen.

Votersthere said no to a 4.6 mill levy, which would have paid to renovate the highschool and build new elementary schools.

SuperintendentDan Creps says he's disappointed about the defeat. They took several surveysand had residents vote on what school plan they liked best before they askedvoters to support the levy.

"Itdidn't go our way, but you know, there are a lot of positives to be taken fromthis, and we're certainly going to evaluate the entire process," Creps said.

Hesays they will continue the dialogue with voters and figure out the best way tomove forward.

SpringfieldLocal Schools didn't ask for as much, and they weren't planning to build newschools. They asked voters for a 2.9 mill levy to stabilize the district'sbudget, pay for salaries and necessary technology for students.

Notonly was their request shot down, it was by a wide margin, which made it evenmore disappointing. Officials say the district will start to feel the pinch byJanuary. They aren't sure what type of cuts will be made, only that more cutsare coming.

Thedistrict has already made $3 million worth of cuts over the last couple yearsto keep up with less funding from the state. But leaders say they are dedicatedto the education of their students.

"Wewill proceed," said Superintendent Kathryn Hott. "I sent an email out to stafftoday and just said, ‘We're going to continue to do good things and provide anexceptional education and continue to support each other and care for eachother and care for the students, and we'll have to just take on the challengesof the defeat.'"

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