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Bricks fall from crumbling Toledo building

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Bricks fell from the side of a building in Toledo Thursday evening, almost hitting a child. Residents say the integrity of the building has been in question for years, and they want something done about it.

"I was putting some chairs away next door…and I looked down the street because I heard a loud noise, and I noticed all this brick falling," said Matthew Hibbs, who was nearby. "It almost smoked a kid."

Hibbs says this is something he and others predicted would happen years ago.

"They should have done something about this long ago," said Robert Leu. "This has been going on for two years that I know of, and when my karate school was here, it was just starting to buckle."

Leu says he moved his karate school from that location because he noticed the building buckling and didn't want to risk one of his students getting hurt.

"Having something like this where a community is involved, and your children, and [it wasn't] just a brick, as you can see, many bricks," he said. "You're talking a death, possibly."

The city sent crews out to the clean up the mess. City officials say they've been back and forth with the property owner since spring to get the issue resolved.

Members of the community say the property owner should be held accountable.

"It's pretty scary," Hibbs said. "I wish they would have took care of this a long time ago when it first started."

"It's not just an eyesore, it's a danger," Leu added. "Kids coming home from school have to walk by here."

The city put barricades up so people won't walk directly under the building. Officials say the bricks fell because water had built up behind them over time.

The property manager says they've known about the problem for about a month and had plans to fix it. He says they're looking to have it fixed by next week.

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