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Adrian residents say college employees trying to sway election

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

TheAdrian community is divided as some say Adrian College employees are getting "tooinvolved" in campaign issues. Those residents say they're taking their concernsto the IRS.

Theresidents say the actions of some of the college employees could sway theoutcome of the upcoming election.

"Itmakes me angry more than it does sad," said Nancy O'Connor, an Adrian resident.

O'Connorsays one of the things that upset her is an email from the college's women'ssoccer coach to her team. In the letter, the coach encourages students toregister to vote, and says, "As a college, we are actively supporting JimBerryman." Berryman is one of the candidates running for mayor of Adrian.

"That'sjust not something that you're supposed to engage in," O'Connor said.

Becausethe college is a non-profit, or a 501C3, organization, O'Connor says she'sfiling a complaint to the IRS. She says other residents are, as well.

"Thatis an offense," said Dale Stultz, another resident. "I'm not going to tolerateit. Neither are the others."

O'Connorsays she's also upset that a flyer was handed out to students on campus,encouraging them to vote, while only listing the names of certain candidates.She says she's worried some students will vote for those candidates withoutdoing their own research.

"Ourparents, when we were young, taught us you have to have a voice and a vote,"she said. "Try to read up on things and don't just go by someone else's voice."

AdrianCollege officials say the flyer was distributed by the student government, andwas part of an effort to provide voter information to students. The collegesays they handled the email from the soccer coach as a personnel issue. They said:

"TheCollege has issued and reaffirmed public statements that it takes no positionand endorses no candidate for the upcoming mayoral election or city commissionelection."

Cityleaders say 90 students at Adrian College have changed their address andregistered to vote in the city.

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