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Winter gear for Evansville students in need

It's a dream come true for some Evansville students where they can go on a shopping trip where they can pick out new clothes, shoes, and toiletries - completely free.

The clothing bank at Washington Middle School is a total of three rooms and is setup like a department store.

So far this year, 570 students have shopped at the clothing bank. Officials expect to serve more than 2,000, which would be a record high.

The students receive everything from school uniforms to play clothes.

Whether it's August or March, every student gets a winter coat and new tennis shoes because they only come through once a year.

Some sizes are more popular than others, but organizers say it's hard to turn a student away when they can't meet their needs.

Organizers say pants and shoes are always in short supply, but thanks to local donors, there will be enough winter weather gear to go around.

"Hats and scarves were donated by a group of elderly woman, they refer to themselves as the 'Happy Hookers,'" said Barry Jones. "They crochet them and up to this point we have received 800 hats from them. It's like Christmas, when they come in they're in trash bags and we open them and see all the colors. The little girls love it. First thing they get to do is pink out a winter coat and then they come over and we match up the hat and scarf to go with their coat, plus they get gloves."

If your child needs clothes, shoes, or a winter coat, they can visit the clothing bank. All you need to do is contact your school principal, nurse, or counselor, and they will arrange the appointment.

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