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Does it Work: The Ove Glove

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With Halloween over, it's time to turn our sights on Thanksgiving. Cooking up that massive meal can put even the most experienced chefs to the test, but what if there was a tool that could help you keep your cool under pressure?

A local chef gave the Ove Glove a try in this week's Does it Work test.

Daniel Tankoos spends a lot of time in the kitchen at Sundown Cantina in Sylvania. He's the owner and head chef there.

"We're grabbing things constantly, all night, 100 times a night," he said. "We usually just use a towel…I've burnt myself plenty of times in a hurry."

Fajitas are a favorite at Sundown, and they're served right in their cast iron skillets. Daniel heats them up before putting the food on them and sending them out. So to start the test, he put a skillet in the oven at 350 degrees. More than five minutes later, armed with the Ove Glove, Daniel pulled it out.

"It doesn't feel warm at all, it works really good," he said.

To step it up, he put a skillet over open flame for about 10 minutes.

"Normally, if I would have grabbed this with a towel, I'd have about 3-5 seconds before I'd feel the heat, and I can barely tell that it's warm right now," he said. "The longer I hold it, it's starting to get a little warmer, a little warmer, but really, right now this would have burnt through the towel and it's totally fine."

So Daniel went all-in. With his hand in the glove, he placed it on the skillet, right on top of the open flame and leaves it there.

"That's pretty impressive," he said. "It's warm, but it's definitely not burnt."

So what's the secret? The company says the Ove Glove is made of nomex and Kevlar, the same material used by firefighters. It can resist heat up to 540 degrees.

"With this you can actually grab stuff," Daniel said. "If you had two of them and you were pulling something, like for Thanksgiving, pulling a big turkey out of the oven, this would be great ‘cause you could actually grab it…It's better than an oven mitt. I'll give it an A."

For $16.99 the Ove Glove grabs a perfect store in this week's Does it Work test.

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