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Eastwood using iPads for Kindergartners

LUCKEY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Studentsacross the country are getting their hands on new technology inside theclassroom, and students at Eastwood Schools are no different.

Thisis the first year Eastwood teachers are using iPads to teach Kindergartners,and they say they've already seen a big difference in how the students arelearning.

"It'sreally helped close that gap between the kids who didn't have the experiencesbefore school and the kids who have had that pre-school experience," said HolliCoger, a Kindergarten teacher at Luckey Elementary.

ThirtyiPads were purchased for the Kindergarten class this year. Students in grades8-12 have laptops they can take home after school each day. Teachers say thisinteractive learning helps students stay focused.

"Theteachers and students have taken off with them already and you can already seea real increase in engagement," said Betsy Hood, director of e-learning atEastwood.

Eastwoodofficials say their district may be small and rural, but they want parents toknow:

"Eventhough we're small, we're mighty, and we've provided a lot of great learningopportunities with our students and our teachers," Hood said.

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