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Maumee school implements program to curb bad behavior

Every class starts the day reciting the 5R pledge. Every class starts the day reciting the 5R pledge.
MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Students' academic performances can be determined by their behavior, which is why one Maumee school has put a program in place to curb bad behavior.

School officials at Wayne Trail Elementary School say the 5Rs is a more effective way to reduce behavioral problems. Every class starts the day reciting the 5R pledge, promising to be respectful, responsible and ready to learn, as well as resolve conflict, reaching above and beyond.

"We know that kids' brains and their emotions are growing, and this is to help promote that," explained Ryan Osier, counselor at Wayne Trail.

Osier plays a vital role in implementing the program, which allows staff to log into a database and instantly document if a student disobeys an "R." 

"We created a system on our computer through Google Doc, that allows us to look at how a student performs not only in the classroom, but also during recess time," said Osier.

According to Osier, this system helps school officials notice patterns, such as identifying specific times students are likely to have behavioral issues.

"I think that is the bottom line. The more that we get involved, the more we can make change," said Osier.

Osier believes academics are directly linked with a child's behavior. Since the program started three years ago, he says grades are up and behavior issues are down.

"Kids are just happier around here. Kids are more responsive and more equipped than the previous years because of things we're doing in that area," said Osier.

Officials say the write-ups do follow students through their years at Wayne Trail, in order to keep track of potential patterns. However, they do not stay on their permanent record unless it is a major infraction.

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