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West Springfield police captain fired following controversy


A West Springfield police Capt. has been fired from his job after a two year-long ordeal that stemmed from accusations of excessive force.

Captain Daniel O'Brien says he may have been fired, but that termination is actually giving him an opportunity.

"That's all I've wanted was a fair hearing," O'Brien said Monday night. 

Now the former Capt. plans on being heard.

He says a picture released of a woman with her mouth taped and restrained to a chair that he's accused of being a part of, doesn't tell the whole story.

"I've never been able to call a witness in my defense, it was simply internal affairs are very narrowly defined questions."

After two years of being on paid leave and being accused of misconduct, O'Brien and the city seemed to have reached a deal all could agree on.

But CBS 3 was first to break the news last Friday that O'Brien and his legal team had turned it down.

O'Brien says it's because the deal added on years of service to his pension he never carried out, and he wanted to do the right thing.

"The deal was really a non-start from the beginning because that was in there," O'Brien said. 

He also says the internal investigation was one-sided and even included witness intimidation.

Mayor Greg Neffinger says the city carried out the process correctly.

"We had our hearing as required after Chief Campurciani's letter to me and after that we started negotiations about a possible retirement and things of that nature."

Now O'Brien is requesting a civil service hearing to be able to call witnesses and hopefully clear his name and reverse Monday's decision.

"What I'm most grateful for or looking forward to is just being able to counter what they say the record is," O'Brien said. 

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