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Mayor to sign off on liquor sales ban

Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
Sandra Fant Sandra Fant
Carissa Mays Carissa Mays
Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The community is speaking out after a Metro Council vote to ban some alcohol sales after 2 a.m. The ban will be on all package alcohol sales, including beer and wine. It would affect liquor stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. 

Currently you can buy package alcohol until 4 a.m. at stores that hold extended hour licenses. Mayor Greg Fischer still needs to sign off on the ordinance, but promised that he would at a press conference on Friday.  

"I'm happy to follow the will of the council," said Fischer.  

Liquor store owner Sandra Fant said the mayor has not given his decision enough thought.

"The city is going to lose revenue between me and the Thornton's and the gas stations that can't sell those two hours," said Fant. "When you add it all up, it's a lot of revenue."

Fant did an open records request and said she found that stores like hers are not the problem. According to Fant, only about 30 citations were issued countywide for liquor stores and convenience stores compared to 160 citations for bars and nightclubs this year. Restaurants and bars will still be able to sell until 4 a.m.

Fant said her business, located at 27th and Broadway, will be downsizing soon. Because they will have to close earlier, Fant said she will have to cut back on workers. The earlier closing will eliminate the need for a fulltime third-shift worker. That means Carissa Mays will be back on the job market soon.

"Now this is causing me to go job hunting," said Mays, "I've been here for five years and never had to worry.

During their meeting on October 24, the Louisville Metro Council voted 15-7 to eliminate the special extended hour license. Mays had this to say to the members of the council, "They ain't thinking about the people."

The biggest proponent for the ban, Fifth District Councilwoman Cheri Bryant-Hamilton, said it will help stop violence.

"There's a lot of crime that goes on nearby, within a quarter mile, on the premises, in the parking lot," said Hamilton.

Once signed by Fischer, the ban would take effect December 1. Liquor store workers say that people will be forced to go to bars instead of taking the alcohol to their homes after purchase. Mays said that will create a bigger, more deadly problem.  

"You're going to get drunk driving, you're going to get DUI's," said Mays.  

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