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Don't Waste Your Money: Drug store rewards cards compared

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It seems every drug store wants you to sign up for its rewards card, with the promise of discounts, and sometimes, cash back in the future. 

A new survey finds that some may be better than others. 

Walgreens vs. CVS vs. Rite Aid 

Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are all pushing free loyalty programs. They reward you with discounts around the store with repeat business. But Cheapism says the programs are not identical.

According to Cheapism: 

-Rite Aid is best for big spenders, because you get a 10 percent discount once you spend a certain amount. The others don't offer as much of a discount. However, you have to buy a lot to reach that level. 

-Walgreens' program has the most rewards for seniors, with added discounts for AARP members that the other programs don't have. 

-CVS' program offers the biggest discount on beauty products, like makeup and facial creams. If you buy a lot of beauty items in drug stores, this may be the card for you. 

But Beware...

You'll pay a lot more if you decide not to join the store's loyalty programs. 

If you don't want to join for privacy or other reasons, you often can't get the sale price on items, unless another shopper loans you a card. If you're concerned about privacy, you don't have to give your home address.

But remember, if you use their pharmacy for prescription drugs, they already have it. 

The Bottom Line 

Of course, the pharmacy that works best for you is usually the one closest to you. 
But if you have a choice of drug stores, you may want to compare programs, so you don't waste your money.

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