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Drunk driver gets stuck on Adrian bike trail

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Partof a highly-traveled bike path in Adrian was closed Wednesday after someonetried to drive their car through it.

Officialssay the driver responsible was under the influence and caused major damage to abridge on the Kiwanis Trail. The trail was closed between Race and MapleStreet.

Policesay Christopher Carr tried to drive his truck on the bike bridge Monday night.After getting his truck stuck, police say Carr got out and walked away. Theyfound him nearby and say a preliminary breath test showed his blood alcoholcontent to be more than twice the legal limit.

"Withis state of mind, he could have driven into someone, or over someone, or intotheir house," said Police Chief Vince Emrick. "There's no telling what couldhave happened. His perception was that far off that he thought he was on theroad."

Cityofficials say they're still assessing the damage and that portion of the trialwill remain closed until repairs are made.

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