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Don’t Waste Your Money: Charmin shrinking?

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Everyone is familiar with products downsizing in the grocery store. The latest is a popular brand of toilet paper that many people buy because it is considered top quality.

Now some buyers are unhappy. Donna Cann first noticed something different with Charmin when she handed an empty cardboard roll to her dog to play with.

"Zoey, our youngest Golden Retriever, thinks that these are treasures," Cann said.

But the treasure looked a lot smaller than Cann remembered it being, so she found an older roll in the cupboard and couldn't believe the difference.

"My toilet paper rolls are shrinking considerably," she said.

Cann says the new roll flows around on the holder in the bathroom, and she's not the only user who has noticed. Charmin's Facebook page is filled with comments from unhappy customers.

"I decided to get out the tape measure and see how much difference there is, and there's a half-inch difference in the rolls now," she said.

A Procter and Gamble spokesperson confirms the shrinkage and says the exact reduction is three-eighths of an inch. She says it was done to reinvest in the product with stronger tissue so that users don't need to use as much, and she says there has been no price hike.

Another bathroom staple has also downsized this fall. Renuzit Air Freshener has been reduced by a half ounce, but it is still the same price.

When a market leader downsizes, it makes things really tough for consumers because other brands usually follow that downsizing in the next six months.

So while consumers can still find larger toilet paper rolls, realize they could be shrinking soon, so don't waste your money.

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