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City moves forward with Woodville Mall demolition without owners

The former Woodville Mall The former Woodville Mall
NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

TheWoodville Mall is set to come down in July of next year, but now the city saysthey're running into problems with the property owners.

TheCity of Northwood says the property owners are not meeting strict court-ordereddeadlines. The first was to install a chain-link fence around the property,which happened, but now city officials say the owners missed the deadline fordetailing how they plan to demolish the former mall.

Theplans were supposed to be submitted by Sept. 30. City officials say they didreceive a plan from the property owners, but the plans lacked any detailsregarding demolition. The city engineer gave the owners a list of informationthey still needed, but the city has not received a response.

CityAdministrator Bob Anderson says city council will start discussing the processof advertising for demolition bids at this Thursday's council meeting.

"We'renot sure about the cost, everything is still pretty much in the air right now,"Anderson said. "It's been about two years since we've been dealing with anabandoned mall. I think it's about time…we do something about it."

Hesays he's pushing for the city to be more aggressive with the demolitionprocess, and says he doesn't want to see the building sitting empty for anotheryear.

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