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Conjoined twin separated at VCU 6 months ago passes away


A conjoined twin, who was separated from her sister at the Children's Hospital in Richmond in April, has died.

Virginia Commonwealth University doctors confirmed A'zhari Jones passed away Monday, but would not say the circumstances surrounding her death.

A'zhiah Jones and A'zhari, from Franklin, were separated after a 14-hour operation earlier this year. It was the first reported successful, phased-separation surgeries of twins sharing vital organs and conjoined at the abdomen and heart, according to VCU surgeons.

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VCU doctors previously separated another set of conjoined twins in November 2011.

The Jones twins were joined at the chest and abdomen and shared a liver and part of their heart. 

Their mother, Nachell Jones, was surprised to find out she was having twins at the 12 week mark of her pregnancy and shocked at 13 weeks to discover they were conjoined. She was admitted to VCU Medical Center at 35 weeks for observation, then gave birth on Oct. 10, at 36 weeks, through a planned cesarean section. The girls weighed 10-pounds combined.

Just 15 days later, surgeons separated the conjoined liver and closed the twins' abdomens.

Four months later on Feb. 14, surgeons placed tissue expanders in the twins' abdomens. The balloon-like expanders enabled the growth of excess skin to be used for closure and reconstruction following surgery.

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