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High school gets breathalyzer for student safety

GENOA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A local police department and school in Ottawa County are partnering to keep kids safe.

The principal of Genoa High School now has a breathalyzer kit. She says it's not a tool to scare students, but to protect them from making bad decisions.

Principal Cari Buehler says they were the first district to adopt the ALICE program, a safety protocol for schools in the event of an active shooter. Now, she says they are the first to have a breathalyzer on hand, thanks to a donation from the Clay Township Police Department.

"It's just a tool that I have, where I can hopefully prevent something or keep them from doing something," Buehler said.

She says she has a great, trusting relationship with her students and their parents, and she has a feeling she may never even use the breathalyzer. But it can be used as a normal breathalyzer, to have students blow into it, or the device can be run over the top of a cup to determine if there's alcohol in it.

Many students were unaware of the new effort by the school, but they supported the principal's decision.

"I think it's smart," said Cody Pickard, a junior. "She's, like, for our safety…she's caring about it."

"She's responsible for all of us, and we can't control what other kids do," added Casey Gose, and senior. "She has to control what all of us do."

Another junior, Kyle Edwards, had a message for any doubters of the device.

"Some kids may not like it, but in the long run, with your health and safety, it's a good thing," he said.

Principal Buehler says if and when she does use the device, parents will be told why she used it. And if alcohol is detected in the school, township police will handle the situation from there.

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