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EDITORIAL: ObamaCare website launch

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Let's call it for what it was: The debut of ObamaCare was an utter disaster. 

With three and a half years to work toward a specific launch date of October 1, things were still all screwed up.  Incredibly, defenders of the failure said the process was more demanding than they anticipated.  I heard a comedienne the other day say that argument would be like the people who run 1-800-Flowers saying they were surprised by Valentine's Day! 

Here is a quick summary of what didn't work: People could not log in, they encountered a constant error message, an inability to create new accounts, frozen screens, confusing instructions, endless wait times, help lines that put people on endless hold, lost passwords and usernames.  In short, nothing worked!  

After three and a half years, failure.  And the President still calls this the signature accomplishment of his administration.  You decide.

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