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Study: Popular sports supplement has meth-like compound


It's called Craze, the popular sports supplement is a pre workout powder designed to give you extra energy. But new research out Monday shows it contains a compound similar to methamphetamine.

That definitely caught dedicated gym goer Kevin Rate, of Charlotte, by surprise.

"I'm not one to take them but I know there's always been some questions about what's actually in there," he said.

Questions like the one raised by Dr. Pieter Cohen of Harvard Medical School, one of the lead authors of the study of Craze.

"It's never been studied in the human body," he said. "Yes, it might make you feel better or have you more pumped up in your workout, but the risks you might be putting into your body under heart attack and stroke are completely unknown."

Research about Craze first surfaced this summer. That's when Walmart pulled it from shelves -- but it can still be found in stores, like GNC where WBTV found it Monday night.

Patty Andrews, another gym enthusiast takes supplements but says she's careful about what she puts in her body.

"Mixing too many things can have a bad reaction on the back end," she said. "You might be looking good on the front end but what will it do to you on the back end."

Another concern? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can't weigh in on the latest research -- thanks to the government shutdown.

Something Rate points out leaves the consumer vulnerable, especially young athletes.

"That's what's scary," he said. "A lot of these kids are looking for anything to give them an edge."

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