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Genoa Schools run active shooter drill

Two 'active shooters' roamed the halls of the school during the drill. Two 'active shooters' roamed the halls of the school during the drill.
GENOA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Thursday was not a typical day in the Genoa Area Local School District. Students and staff have been taking ALICE training, and on Thursday, there was an active shooter drill.

Staff knew about the drill; students didn't. The plan was to get the 1,400 students out of the building as quickly and safely as possible.

"We're finding a recipe for success is not hiding under the table, not lining up against the chalkboard and hiding and waiting for a perpetrator to come in and do some damage," said Tom Baker, technology director for the district.

Clay Township Police Officer David Dunn played the role of one of two active shooters.

A teacher called 911 and area law enforcement, fire and EMS crews swarmed to the building.

"It's scary that it's a sign of the times, but we're required by law to do at least once per year, and to put our students and staff and parents at ease that we practice this," said high school Principal Kevin Katafias.

Students ran down hallways and headed outside. Within 15 minutes, the building was empty.

"They can evacuate this building pretty quick," Dunn said. "To me, that's a good thing. That's less people I have to worry about as a responding officer, that they're out on the street. They're not out here injured."

The drill was a success, but there were some flaws.

"With us practicing to be the bad guys, I think we were a little confused and we're going to look at that and how we can improve on that," said Baker.

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