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75 cats die recently in Sandusky, owner suspects poisoning

Rachel Hyovalti Rachel Hyovalti
SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Dozens of cats in the city of Sandusky are dying, and one pet owner believes someone may be poisoning them.

More than 75 cats are now buried in the back of one home in the city, leaving one owner desperate for answers.

"I can't even go back there," said Rachel Hyovalti. "I don't even want to cook back there because it's all full of gravesites."

Hyovalti says over the last few months, her backyard has turned into a cemetery for her cats. She says she found antifreeze in a food bowl sitting near her home on Shelby Street. Not long after, several of her cats began to die.

She cares for more than a dozen cats inside her home, and several more outside, but Hyovalti says many of them have been coming home sick with open wounds. She believes her neighbors are purposely poisoning and shooting the cats that they believe are feral. She is worried about the other cats in the area.

"I keep my house clean. I keep my litter box clean. I feed them," she said. "It's not like we're trying to hoard them. We want to put them outside, but we can't."

Hyovalti says she care for so many cats because they have no other options for a new home. According to the Erie County Humane Society, there is currently a waiting list of 100 for cats, due to limited cage space.

Sandusky officials say there is not currently a city policy on how to handle feral cats. The Erie County Humane Society offers some advice.

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