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Kaptur calls on House republicans to end shutdown

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur says it is time for the House Republicans to ‘get their act together' and bring an end to the partial federal shutdown, which is entering its second week.

"Not to have federal workers reporting for duty every day, what an embarrassment, what reckless behavior," said Kaptur.  

The Democrat who serves Ohio's 9th Congressional District says the shutdown could end with one vote, provided House Speaker John Boehner allows that vote to happen.

"The Speaker of the House has to put it up for a vote. It's a clean continuing resolution; it doesn't have any irrelevancies that are associated with it. We have been asking repeatedly for that bill to come up. I think there are some Republicans that would vote for it," said Kaptur.  

Kaptur says it's wrong for House Republicans to put the government on hold because of their opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act.

"I think it's completely off the mark because what we're talking about is the operations of the departments of the United States."

While Republicans have blasted President Obama for not willing to negotiate on ‘Obamacare', Kaptur is blasting Boehner and other House Republicans for taking a piece-meal approach to try to get some government departments back up and running.

"They're cherry-picking across the government to look good on television. It is not the way to run a government."

Congressman Bob Latta, the Republican who serves Ohio's 5th Congressional District, is calling on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow the dispute to go through the conference process, where he believes a compromise can be reached.       

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