DNA busts suspected teen sex predator

DNA helping solve crimes DNA helping solve crimes

We've learned investigators have just taken a 17-year-old suspected predator off of your streets.

They busted a teen the same way they're solving cold rape cases 20 years old - with DNA.

Back in March at West 53rd and Lorain in Cleveland, a young woman suddenly realized she was being followed by a stranger.

The man had a gun. He forced that woman behind a factory, sexually assaulted her, and took off.

Now months late DNA has identified the attacker, a 17-year-old at the time.  Even though he was just 17, investigators already had his DNA on file.

The case reveals a new weapon helping detectives solve mysteries.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office says, the state collects the DNA of juveniles convicted of certain crimes, crimes that would be considered felonies if committed by adults.

We've shown you time and again jails and prisons have been collecting DNA from 'adults' arrested or convicted of felonies, and that has solved cold cases and new ones.

But here again, since the state database also now includes teen DNA, Cleveland sex crimes found a suspect for that rape behnd the factory.

The suspect, 17, at the time, out on the streets on probation. He'd been on probation for robbery. We checked his record, and we also found old charges for a concealed weapon, domestic violence, menacing and much more.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors want to try that kid as an adult. He has turned 18, and there was a gun involved.

Science now catching suspected predators at any age.

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