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Former FAA employee: Legislators influenced by self-interest

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One of the many agencies affected by the government shutdown is the Federal Aviation Administration. Now a former employee is speaking out about what's going on in Washington.

Dr. Russell Mills, a former FAA employee now teaching Political Science at BGSU, says Washington DC no longer has a sense of compromise. He says the only thing he expects to motivate them is Oct. 17, the deadline for a decision on the debt ceiling.

"I think there will be so much pressure from the CEOs and from the business community that members of Congress will listen," Mills said.

Dr. Mills used to work for the FAA in Washington DC. The FAA is funded by mandatory and discretionary funds, so even though air traffic controllers are still at work, about 3,000 aviation inspectors are not.

Mills says the shutdown is dragging on because legislators in Washington aren't necessarily looking out for the best interest of the public, but rather themselves.

"These people are motivated not by compromise, not by I don't even think the public interest anymore," he said. "I think they're influenced by their own self-interest. And when you think about it, we live in a capitalist society that is driven by self-interest, and I think that this is sort of the perpetuation of that and our government."

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