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Does It Work: Cafe Cups

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Coffee is a daily staple for many of us and single-serving coffeemakers have revolutionized the whole industry, but buying individual disposable pods is pricey. One product promises to solve that problem, but does it work?

Michael Seay is director of Sensory Marketing at Sensory Max in downtown Toledo. He is a big coffee drinker, who is working on getting his money's worth out of his Keurigs.

With one at home and one at work, this means lots of K-Cups. 

"I don't like coffee that sits around all day. So to have a K-Cup that I can just pop in and is fresh at any moment - it's convenient. It's easy. It's not very messy. I don't have to make trips out of my office to make it happen," said Seay.

But according to a Cafe Cups infomercial: "single-brew coffee cups can cost $35 for one pound of coffee."

Seay says the disposable cups are something he would consider using, but never made the purchase.

"I'm really curious to just try them out and see what happens," he said.

Time to unpack and put these reusable pods to the test. After a simple three-step process, minutes later, Seay has a fresh cup of Joe. But the Cafe Cups require some cleaning after each use.

"The deterrent to the Cafe Cup would be the mess factor. I don't need to clean out a K-Cup currently. I just dispose it. Where now, I'll have to make a trip over to the sink to clean out the Cafe Cup," said Seay.

The attractiveness obviously would be the cost. To buy a ground coffee would be much more cost-effective than buying per K-Cup. The package even touts "10 times the savings versus disposable cups."

"I'd give the Cafe Cup a 'C.' I think the ease of use is definitely there, but the flavor is a little lacking. It's not as robust as I know this coffee is when it's brewed regularly," explained Seay.

Seay says he would purchase the $9.99 Cafe Cups to use as a standby, but still plans to stick with his K-Cups. 

"It wouldn't be a replacement, but I definitely could see it being used for some specialty holiday coffees I might keep in the office," said Seay.

Cafe Cups brew up a weak passing grade in this week's Does It Work test.

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