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TWEETS: Dallas Latos attacked at Pirates game

Dallas Latos Dallas Latos

Dallas Latos, the wife of Reds pitcher Mat Latos, says she was assaulted Tuesday night during the NL Central Wildcard game at PNC Park.

Dallas, who has 22,269 Twitter followers, was tweeting from the game.

According to her Twitter feed, Dallas was in the Budweiser Bowtie Bar in PNC Park around 9:30 p.m. watching the game when a man began speaking ill of Reds Catcher Devin Mesoraco's grandmother.

Dallas tweeted she asked him to stop and he called her a name. Dallas says she told PNC Park security that she'd been threatened before the incident but they didn't take any action.

Dallas reports his female companion grabbed her by her hair and then punched her in the head three times.

After that incident, police say some yelling and shoving took place between 20-30 Reds and Pirates fans. According to a release from Pittsburgh Police, the crowd was "very disruptive and unruly."

A statement from Pirates spokesperson Brian Warecki reads:

"Fan safety is always a top priority for our well trained staff at the ballpark.  It is something we take very seriously, as we did the unfortunate incident that occurred last night.  Our security staff followed the policies and procedures, reacting quickly to attempt to defuse the situation.  Their attempts to calm the situation and eject members of the unruly parties were met with escalating profanity and threats.  At that point, our staff called the police for assistance and it became a police matter."

Pittsburgh Police say seven people were ejected from the game after the incident, including two with the Latos party. Dallas was not one of them.

Police say everyone involved appeared to have been drinking and "were obviously intoxicated."

According to the release, responding officers did not witness the alleged assault, but spoke with Dallas and others possibly involved. 

At a press conference on Wednesday, Pittsburgh police reported that no charges had been filed against Dallas' alleged attacker. Police say without authorities witnessing the alleged assault, she has to file those charges on her own.

No arrests were made and stadium authorities say they consider the incident closed.

Dallas tweeted shortly after the press conference that she plans on filling charges. 

After the incident, police say Dallas refused medical treatment. Dallas says she's fine but her head hurts and she planned on seeing a doctor Wednesday.

FOX19's Ben Katko reached out to Dallas attempting to get the full story. Dallas replied by tweeting: 

"@FOX19BenK def don't want to be on the news yet also exhausted with false information all over. Catch 22 for me..".

Some Pirates fans were not kind on Twitter, calling her names but Dallas says others were nice and apologized for the incident.

You can read the log of the incident on her Twitter account but it does contain some expletives.

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