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Cleve. Police hope new portable camera units will slow drivers down

Portable camera unit Portable camera unit
Signs for portable camera unit Signs for portable camera unit

Operation Safe Streets, the City's Automated Photo Enforcement Program, is now deploying "Portable Camera Units" (PCUs). PCUs are self-contained and can be moved from location to location, offering the city increased opportunities to reduce speeds on city streets and increase safety for the traveling public.

"Ultimately, the goal of Operation Safe Streets is to save lives and prevent injuries," said Martin L. Flask, Public Safety Director. "The portable camera units are a visible reminder for people to slow down and drive safely."

PCUs do not require an officer to stay with the unit, and they can be put at locations where fixed pole camera units cannot be constructed or where mobile speed camera units cannot be parked safely. It is anticipated that these units will help:

· Reduce speed in residential neighborhoods and school zones;

· Change driver behavior through voluntary compliance with traffic laws;

· Educate the public and increase public awareness;

· Reduce accident severity, and

· Augment the efforts of traditional law enforcement.

Permanently installed "Photo Enforced" signs will alert drivers that PCUs may be in use in that area. The camera will automatically record a speeding violation. A Cleveland Police Officer reviews the results and if approved, a citation will then be mailed to the owner of the vehicle.

Some drivers don't like the new speeding machines.

"I don't believe machines should be allowed to dictate the law. I'd rather have a person give me a ticker instead of a machine like that. It's just not right." say John Charvat.

If you speed 25 miles above the speed limit or are in a school zone the ticket could cost as much as two hundred dollars.

"Wow, ouch. That's really going into your pockets. I think that's what they're really trying to do," says Curtis Campbell.

PCUs will move from location to location as necessary.

Currently, PCUs are at the following locations:

· 4050 Superior Avenue

· 2416 E 55th Street

· 2300 St Clair Avenue

· 3219 Detroit Avenue

· 4123 Pearl Road

"If your in the wrong, your in the wrong. For the safety of children and other pedestrians. I think it's a good idea," says Coaki Gates.

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