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Propane safety checks can prevent disaster

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As officials look at propane gas tanks as a possible cause of two recent home explosions, it's a good time for others to look at their own home heating systems.

Prevention is the key to safety in situations like these. Homeowners should check all appliances for leaks and pay close attention to the furnace. They should also make sure all gas valves and safety features are working properly. There are also licensed contractors who can do these inspections.

The main thing is to be alert and know how to recognize the smell of propane.

"Just a spark of it pockets in the air, and any small thing can combust – a telephone ringing, light switch," explained Chuck Westenbargar, operations manager at Wojos Heating and Cooling. "Using your stove when you have a gas leak, it will ignite and combust."

Westenbargar says they've already had an increase in calls from people wanting to make sure their propane tanks are safe.


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