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Innocent bystander struck after parking spot squabble leads to shooting

Police in Cleveland said two people were shot during a dispute over a parking spot outside a local barber shop. 

When police got to the scene, they found two men injured. Both were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, where they are being treated for their injuries.

Police say a female, that was later arrested, was involved in an argument with one of the victims. She apparently wanted him to move his parked car.

During the argument the female called her husband and he came to the scene, along with three other men. While there, the victim and the female's husband began to argue. During the argument the female's husband and the three other men pulled out handguns and shot the victim multiple times.

After shooting the victim and his friends fled the scene and while fleeing they fired additional shots hitting a second victim who was inside the Epic Barbershop located at 11204 Lorain. That victim was not involved in the incident.

The woman arrested was taken to jail, where she is awaiting charges.

Police are searching for the four men involved.

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