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Avon Lake's deer overload and culling conflicts


In an effort to break the logjam over deer culling in Avon Lake, the mayor has suggested a compromise:  No culling east of Route 83, culling west of 83. 

One problem, most of the deer are east of 83.

"They are in front yards, back yards, side yards and the woods; deer, bucks, does, and newborn baby fawns," says one resident.

Deer are overrunning Avon Lake and sadly many are also found dead on the side of roads; 65 this year, 25 of which were in August alone. 

Residents in the area say that driving through can be pretty dangerous because the deer don't move and sometimes they cross at their own will.

Gardeners are also having trouble with the deer population.

 "We had a mesh fence around it but they kept breaking through it and I had to keep going out every day and fix it," says Joan Grellinger.

The problem is square in the lap of Mayor Greg Zilka who is in a tough spot.  He plans to have signs put up telling people to watch out for deer.

"Really it's not a solution but it's an information piece to the puzzle and we hope that we can reduce the number of serious accidents by people being more aware and therefore more cautious."

The studies show the largest concentration of deer is at the Kopf Family Reservation, not in an area that can be culled.  

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