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Fake service dogs cause problems for those in need

Service dogs make life a little easier for people with disabilities, but some people are abusing the service dog name, making it difficult for those who really need the additional help.

"My dog pulls my wheelchair," said Wallace Brozman. "He opens doors – both literally and figuratively."

Brozman says her service dog makes her independent, but sometimes when she takes him to restaurants, she says she's wrongfully denied.

"I'll say, ‘This is a service dog. It helps my disability,'" she said. "They'll say, ‘It doesn't matter. The last dog we had in here wasn't well-behaved.'"

The problem is some people are passing off their pets as service animals to gain access to restaurants and other places. All it takes is an online search and some money.

"People are going up to the website, plunking down $50 and getting a backpack or vest that says ‘Service Dog,'" said Corey Hudson.

Hudson is the CEO of Canine Companions for Independence. His company puts dogs through intensive training.

He says dogs that are not properly trained can attack real service dogs, endangering their disabled owners.

Some lawmakers in states like California have started an ad campaign that shames those who cheat and abuse the identification system.

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