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NSA Mid-South is business as usual following Washington, D.C. shooting

(WMC-TV) - It was business as usual outside Millington's Naval Support Activity after the shootings took place at Washington Naval Yard Monday morning. But residents who live in the Millington area say the tragedy has gotten them thinking.

"I don't quite understand what people are thinking," said Millington resident Chris Brown.

"Only thing I can keep saying is the world is ending. All this stuff going on. All we can do is try to survive," added resident Ted Flowers.

Residents living near Millington's Naval Support Activity say they watched in horror as tragedy unfolded in Washington, D.C.

Ted Flowers lives a stone's throw away from Millington's Naval Support Activity.

As he watched the events in D.C., he couldn't help but wonder what, if anything, could've been done differently?

"They gonna have to beef up security and take more precaution on who's coming on and who's coming off," said Flowers.

Millington naval personnel could not comment on the deadly shootings, only to say it was an isolated incident and had no effect on activities at Millington Naval Support Activity.

On the support activity's website, local family members looking for information about their loved ones involved in Monday's shootings were directed to contact a Warfighter and Family Support Center.

Many who live near NSA Mid-South say they do not worry about a similar incident on Millington's naval command center.

"It's peaceful around here. The base down there, you ain't fixing to get on there if you ain't right," said Flowers. "And you do to show real I.D. to get on there or drive there."

If you have family or friends, who were involved in Monday's tragedy in Washington, D.C., you are asked to call the Warfighter and Family Support Center at (202) 433-6151 or (202) 433-9713.

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