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Adrian College offers new loan assistance program

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

AdrianCollege is working to make an education at their school more affordable byoffering a loan assistance program.

Formany students, graduating from college means more than just finding a job.

"Beinga senior here, it's definitely weight on my mind that I'm going to have tostart paying back my student loans," said Danielle MacFarlan.

"It'sa big deal for us because you don't want to go to school and be in a big loadof debt afterwards," added Wallen Augustin, another Adrian student.

Butthe college is now working to remove some of that stress for students with anew program called AdrianPlus.

"Itguarantees students a full-time, well-paying job when they graduate of at least$37,000, or the college will pay some or all of their loans," said CollegePresident Dr. Jeffrey Docking.

Theprogram will take effect for freshmen and transfer students in the fall of2014. Qualifying students will receive assistance after graduation and untiltheir income improves, or the loans are paid of completely.

"It'sa great thing for the up and coming freshmen," said Augustin.

Schoolofficials say they came up with the program after listening to concerns fromprospective students and their parents.

"Theywant this kind of education…with small classes, personal attention, but they'reworried about the cost," Docking said. "The cost is often the final stumblingblock for them attending a place like Adrian…Our goal is to make money not evera reason students don't attend Adrian."

"You'regoing to need more loans to go here, so it helps if they're going to help youpay them back," said Kayley Smiskey, a student.

Click here formore information on AdrianPlus.

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