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Northwood Schools want levy for new building

Northwood High School Northwood High School
NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Timeis running out for Northwood Schools to get new buildings.

Despitehaving buzzers and cameras at school doors, Northwood Superintendent GregoryClark says the buildings just aren't as safe as they should be. There are 11different ways someone could get inside the high school.

"Ifwe want children to learn, everyone needs to learn," Clark said. "Everybodyneeds to know that they're safe, and that's first."

Thenext biggest issue is the health of students in the 50year-old buildings. Plasteris peeling off the walls, water leaks into the building, and there is no airconditioning.

"Youput 25 students into a room, and carbon dioxide levels go up," Clark said. "It'snot just lunch that makes you sleepy in the afternoon."

Sothe district is putting a levy on the November ballot. It will be a 4.9 millproperty tax, combined with a 0.25 percent earned income tax to help pay for anew school. The $33 million price tag will be divided between Northwood and thestate.

"Weare doing this because we need to," Clark said. "It's not a want, it's a need."

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