Pemberville puppy shot and killed in front of children

(Source: Martin Smith)
(Source: Martin Smith)

PEMBERVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) - APemberville family says they're devastated after a neighbor shot and killedtheir 8-month-old puppy right in front of two children. Now the family isdemanding justice.

Hisname was Puppy, and he was a Labrador/border collie mix. His owners say there'sabsolutely no reason why their neighbor should have shot and killed him, but hewas gunned down in front of his owner's two small children who say they can'tshake the image from their head.

"Hecan't get it out of his mind," said Martin Smith about his son. "Noah was rightthere. It was really close. He thought he was gonna get shot. He didn't knowwhat to do, he just ran for his life, he said."

Puppycrossed over a driveway that divided the two houses, across the street fromPemberville Elementary. He was running to greet the two boys as they got homefrom school.

Areport was filed last month stating that Puppy was off his leash, but otherneighbors say this kind of excessive force should never have been used.

"An8-year-old boy should never have to witness anything like that," said JanBlausey. "Sunday, he couldn't even come from upstairs."

Theman who pulled the trigger has been charged with inducing panic and injuring ananimal.

"He'snot in jail, and that makes me nervous because I don't want to see him anymore,"Smith said.

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