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Hot weather hinders learning in classroom

BLISSFIELD, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Studentsand teachers at Blissfield High School had to deal with the high temperaturesTuesday. The older building has no air conditioning.

"We'vegot fans going all over," said Claire Denecker, a senior at Blissfield. "Theygive us little breaks every once in awhile to try and cool down…It's hard forstudents to stay focused with the warm environment."

BlissfieldHigh School and Blissfield Elementary are just two of the schools in the areawithout air conditioning. Students and staff do what they can to cope, but ittakes a toll on their day.

"Ithink it absolutely has an impact on learning," said Superintendent ScottMoellenberndt.

Officialssay they'd like to install air conditioning in the schools, but they would needvoters to support a levy to pay for it. They failed to pass a levy earlier thisyear. Until that happens, they'll have to do the best they can.

"You'llhear throughout the halls, ‘Oh my gosh, it's so hot,' but…you just have to dealwith it," Denecker said.

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