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Montgomery county passes ordinance requiring shade for pets


With a lot of hot weather left in the season, one county is warning pet owners to provide suitable shade for animals or face a fine. The Montgomery County Commission has just passed an ordinance holding pet owners accountable for keeping their animals cool.

"We didn't have anything in the ordinances to cover that," said Tim Clifton, director of Montgomery County Animal Control. "The only place a dog can go is in his dog house, and there's no ventilation in there. To me, it was just common sense. These animals needed some shade."

According to the ordinance, if it's 75 degrees outside or hotter, a pet must be provided with some form of shade. If not, the owner can face a $50 fine.

Animal control officials said cruelty cases involving dogs chained up without shade were becoming too common.

"I think we're finally getting people to understand," said Clifton. "We're serious about taking care of animals."

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