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Teens targeting a gay bar

Picture from surveillance video outside the Cocktails bar. Picture from surveillance video outside the Cocktails bar.

Surveillance video of the group captures them in action. The bad behavior happened last week.  Teens were seen throwing rocks at patrons on the patio at "Cocktails Bar" on 92nd and Detroit. Gay slurs were also heard coming from their mouths.

"That wasn't the first time down there," says an unidentified teen.

19 Action News talked to one teen familiar with the 13-year old who police arrested. He describes what he heard happened.

"They always go down there. They bang on the door.  They knock on the door and they throw rocks, and I guess the gay people got tired of it."

"They said the f***ots got a gun and they all took off running," says Rick Scardino.

Rick Scardino pulled out his mace. He's fed up because the week before a patron outside the bar got beat up by a mob. It was serious enough for police to investigate it as a hate crime.

"We were outside just standing there and they were saying derogatory things as they passed."

We noticed cops patrolling the area Monday afternoon. City of Cleveland officials tell us they started beefing up patrols near Detroit and West 85th over the weekend, including tickets for kids being out past their curfew.

As for the latest rock throwing incident, the unidentified teen says he thinks the other teens are getting into trouble because they're bored.

"They just don't like gay people," says the unidentified teen.

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