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Cleveland teens accused in hate crime

A beat down of Jarred Fox happened Friday, August 30 outside of Cocktails bar. It's being investigated as a hate crime because the teens involved used gay slurs. 

Now a week later, police are investigating more violence same bar. Teens are accused of throwing rocks at patrons on the patio. 

Rick Scardino took action and came out carrying his mace. And again he heard gay slurs.

"They said the f****ts got a gun and they all took off running," said Rick. 

Shawn Morgan was there too. He said, "about 11:30 we were outside just standing there and they were saying derogatory things as they passed."

Patrons and employees of the bar say they have had enough and want the city to do more. 

"We just need some attention here. It's becoming belligerent not only to us but to the community as well," said James Foster, Cocktails employee. 

The violence has prompted Community Corner Food Center to take action.

"I'm really sorry to say that we have a security guard. It just helps our families feel more comfortable coming in at this time," said Director, Lou Keim.

The City of Cleveland says they are taking action too. 

Over the weekend they placed extra patrols on Detroit and West 85th. Several citations were issued including some for curfew violation. A 13-year old was arrested for the rock throwing.  

For Shawn it shocks him that teens are involved in all the gay bashing. 

"I just can't believe children are being taught to hate," said Shawn. "It's 2013, it's unbelievable."

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