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Homework advice for students and parents

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The kids are back at school, which means they'll be coming home with work to do. Homework stresses lots of kids, but it doesn't have to be such an emotional burden every night.

Dr. Kate Eshleman is a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children's. She says the first step to overcoming homework stress is to have a plan.

"Establish the routine right away and make sure the kids know what the expectation is. Just like with homework, with everything else, the kids need to do what they have to do before they get to do what they want to do," explained Eshleman.

It's acceptable to give your kids a chance to unwind after school. Give them a half-hour to get a snack and relax, but then start the homework.

You can also schedule a certain hour of the day as the "homework hour" or set a goal, such as homework will be done before dinner. Eshleman says this allows for the expectations to be clear.

When it comes to really big homework assignments, mom and dad can offer some advice.

"If they are worried about getting a certain grade on a project or getting it done by a certain time, talking through that, looking at the steps to completing that and putting a plan in place," suggested Eshleman.

Additional advice from the doctor: Let your kids know you are there to help without doing the work for them. Eshleman says typically, getting them organized and on the right track will alleviate homework stress significantly.

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