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Mayoral candidates active at Labor Day parade

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Somemayoral candidates took advantage of Labor Day events in Toledo, using them aspart of their final campaign push.

Theprimary election is coming up, so candidates were on the streets during theLabor Day parade to talk to people and be seen.

"Iwant to talk to as many voters as I possibly can," said Joe McNamara. "I thinkthe one-on-one conversations that I have with people to hear what Toledoans areconcerned with, and so they can hear what my plans are for the future ofToledo."

Theparade brought hundreds of people to the downtown area.

"Wesigned up so many volunteers at the parade today," said Anita Lopez. "Individualsexcited that we're keeping a positive campaign."

Buttheir work won't end when the events do.

"We'llhit the trail tomorrow, and we'll be door-to-door," said Mike Collins.

MayorMike Bell's secretary says he has not attended the parade in years. She says hewasn't invited, and he wanted to respect the feelings of some union workers.

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