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Poll: Top 25 excuses for getting more time off

San Andrea, Colombia (Source: Wikipedia) San Andrea, Colombia (Source: Wikipedia)

People are getting more creative in making up excuses to squeeze out more vacation time, according to a survey by one of the world's largest hotel companies.

As the peak summer travel season draws to a close, 63 percent of Americans polled said they could use more vacation time, according to Choice Hotels International. 

The top things they would do with their extra time off: just relax (58 percent), see family and friends (49 percent), visit a city (42 percent), hit the beach (37 percent) and enjoy nature (31 percent).

But what about those unfortunate souls who have used up all their vacation days for the year?

Nearly one in five respondents said they would come up with an excuse to get additional time off.

Their excuses ran the gamut.

Here's the full list of 25 Creative Excuses for Getting More Vacation Days, according to survey results:

  • I had to stay home to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
  • Martians kidnapped my boyfriend, and I must rescue him.
  • I was ambushed by zombies.
  • My aquarium busted, and I must save my fish.
  • A garbage truck is on fire at the end of my driveway.
  • There's a snake on my porch.
  • I had to attend a pop-up wedding.
  • My mother's car broke down on a cross-country trip, and I had to go and assist her.
  • My child came home with a really contagious eye infection. I should stay away from the office until it's safe.
  • My husband will be out sick today, Friday and Monday.
  • My sister got kidnapped, and I must go find her.
  • My wife got a terrible hair-coloring job, and I must stay home to provide moral support.
  • I'm having a hair malfunction.
  • My hair dye turned out to be orange, and I cannot be seen in public.
  • I'm under the weather due to a sympathetic pregnancy.
  • I got mercury poisoning from a busted thermometer.
  • I had an out-of-town dental appointment.
  • I gave up my seat on the plane to an elderly person and couldn't get back for a few days.
  • My dog did not wake me.
  • My dog ate my shoes.
  • My dog hid my car keys.
  • My bird is sick.
  • My grandmother died (twice in one year).
  • I'm having trouble with my prostate (reported by a woman).
  • I am meeting on a project with a co-worker (who was actually in a meeting at the time with the caller's boss).
  • The results of the Choice Hotels 2013 End-of-Summer/Fall Travel Study are based on a nationally representative survey of more than 1,200 American adults conducted in August 2013 by Research Now on behalf of Choice Hotels.

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