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Findlay student allegedly attacked by same boy that broke his arm years ago

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Wilson says he's been the victim of dangerous bullying – twice.

Tyler claims the same classmate who broke his arm three years ago attacked him Thursday during a break at Findlay High School.

The fight was captured on video with a classmate's cell phone. Tyler says although about 40 people watched, nobody stepped forward to break up the beatdown.

"Pretty sad knowing that someone would do something like that to someone," Tyler said.

"On top of my son being attacked, I had to watch it," said his mother Kristy. "So I have those pictures in my head of my son being attacked."

The fight sent Tyler to the hospital with facial bruises. His shoulders and elbows were scraped up, too.

"Somebody needs to stop this kid because I don't want another parent to get a phone call like I did yesterday, [saying] that I needed to pick up my child from the hospital versus waiting for my child to walk in the house from school," his mother said.

Toledo News Now first met Tyler in September of 2010, when he says the same classmate broke his arm, bullying him for being on a cheerleading squad.

The bully was placed on probation then, and ordered not to have any contract with Tyler.

Both boys are now freshmen at Findlay High School.

"I don't really know," Tyler said. "He just hated me from the get-go…I'm one of the main targets, but he picks on other kids."

This time, the student was bullying Tyler's friend Aaron when Tyler came to his defense.

Despite the price he paid, Tyler plans to return to school on Tuesday.

"Because I have friends and I like the classes that I'm in," he said. "But I'm kind of worried it's going to happen again."

The Findlay Police Department says the incident is still under investigation.

Toledo News Now contacted the Findlay Public Schools community relations director for comment but received no response.

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