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Clinic concussion app helps young athletes


Diagnosing a concussion is still a difficult task for doctors, even more difficult is determining when an athlete, especially a young one, is ready to return to action.

But at the Cleveland Clinic doctors and researchers have developed a tablet app to help make that critical determination.

Concussions are serious business and it's not just football players.

"The sound was sickening when the helmets hit," said Brian Laubscher whose son, a Solon football player, suffered a concussion.

Concussions can occur in almost every sport, including soccer.

"I couldn't really focus and think, everything was all blurry," said soccer player Maxwell Sattelle.

The Clinic, with their tablet app, tested 16,000 thousand athletes to get a baseline reading for balance, reaction time, memory and vision.

"I think it just really gives the physicians and the trainers another arrow in their quiver, another tool for them to objectively assess the effects of concussion and recovery following the concussion," said Jay Alberts of the Clinic.

Solon High School quarterback Matt Laubscher took the baseline test, then suffered a concussion and was surprised two weeks later when doctors told him he wasn't yet ready to play.

"My cognitive skills were alright, but my reaction time was way off," he said.

Matt's dad, Brian, is thankful the Clinic's app prevented his son from getting back in the game too soon, "A lot of it is not perceptible to the naked eye but when you looked at the results you could clearly see something was wrong," he said.

The Clinic's tablet app is being used at over 50 Northeast Ohio high schools.

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