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Cleveland tests new parking meter systems downtown

Cleveland's Division of Parking Facilities will pilot two new parking meter systems in selected downtown locations for 90 days each.

The City will evaluate the effectiveness of each system in making downtown parking more convenient for motorists and in improving the City's ability to manage, regulate and service parking meters. There is no cost to the City for testing either of these systems.

The first pilot system, which went live on Thursday, is made up of a total of 49 credit card parking meters. They are divided between two downtown locations - 25 meters on the south side of Erieside Avenue across from the Rock Hall of Fame & Museum and 24 four on the south side of Chester Avenue between East 18th and East 22nd Streets. In addition to accepting credit and debit card payments, these meters will report meter revenue to the Division of Parking and notify staff about coin jams and full coin boxes via text or email.

The second system is scheduled for launch during the last week in September. Sensors manufactured by Parker, Inc. will be installed in front of 100 existing parking meters on Prospect Ave. between East 4th and East 9th Streets. The sensors will transmit the availability of open parking spaces to motorists via Streetline by Parker, Inc., a free smart phone app. The system is expected to reduce traffic congestion, increase parking turnover and give the City historical and real time parking data.

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